kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

There are only two ways to define this dominating runway accessory. Some people may think it’s hideous while others think it’s the definition of ultra-cool and only worn by bold individuals who are fully grasping the ways of being voguish.

We’re talking about the ever-evolving designs on shades that set the SS18 runways on fire, burning roads and turning them into ashes so that no one else could follow. A trend custom-made for adopters that’ll wear them without the fear and doubt about the opinions of others. Kind of like it is when it comes to a trend that makes even the fiercest of fashionistas raise an eyebrow.

fka twigs

FKA Twigs

This love/hate accessory is taking the industry and streets by storm as of this very moment. Multiple designers accessorized their runway looks using everything from cat-like frames to sporty, retro, over-sized, oval-shaped and tiny, almost invisible frames in all imaginable colours. The brands included Prada, Miu Miu, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Stella McCartney, Fenty x Puma, Erdem, Versace and Lanvin amongst many others.

Dior SS18

Extending beyond the SS18 fashion show platforms, the coolest kids on the street have religiously adapted to the frenzy of the trend this whole summer, having been spotted on every celebrity being either members of the model elite, music industry or show business.


Prada SS18


Featured Photo: Zoë Kravitz / Inside photo and collage: Vogue US and Vogue UK

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“Fashion has a responsibility to be in step with the times and not persist and portraying a one-note way at looking at women,” says Anna Wintour on the trends and takeaways of spring 2018.

After several seasons trying to diversify the monotone fashion structure, a glimpse of light is starting to flash through a crevice in the colourless realm. At the two recent seasons (FW17/18 and SS18) it seemed like the loud and clear messages had reached the ears of several designers, whom resolved to address the matter, proving that they could administer this issue that has long been.

Kanye West was one of the first to embark on the concern by bringing hijab-wearing Halima Aden to his already diverse Yeezy crew. Marc Jacobs reorganized the system and demonstrated a forceful statement where half of his hip hop crew consisted of models with multiple ethnic identities; and a handful of them being transgender.

Nevertheless, these shows didn’t sweep the title of the most inclusive FW17/18 show; that victory was claimed by Gypsy Sport, rectifying the norm by designating models of different ethnicity, background, gender, size, conditions (vitiligo and albinism) and several “real people” from political demonstrations to walk in his show. All in all, the cast was 87% diverse.

2017 has not just been a slight turning point for models walking the seasonal runway shows or spectators perceiving them. Influential publications have also seized upon the Zeitgeist and participated by putting authentic people on their covers. Not because of their body size or gender, but because they have proven themselves in this cutthroat industry by being intellectual, assertive and utterly intrepid regardless of fitting the norm.

Another factor is that it indicates that it’s about time to take a step forward, embrace development in society and dive into a constant evolution by honouring an inclusive idea of beauty where no standard measure is applied.

After all, fashion doesn’t have a face – it has many. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and your true identity. Who you are, where you come from, what you wish to achieve and where you want to go in life. It is something that people should carefully adapt to using their creativity and imagination as tools to interpret in their own unique way. That’s when fashion is beautified in an acceptable and light-hearted manner.

Featured photo: theclassyissue.com

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Besides offering a generous range of fashion products for early adopters, Fashion Hunt provides applicable and trending content in their online magazine: FH Magazine.

I samarbete med FashionHunt.se

FashionHunt.se är den ultimata online-destinationen för säker stil, fashionabla varor och oemotståndliga erbjudanden från ledande modevarumärken på webben. (Från nelly.com till na-kd.com, nlyman.com och boozt.com).

Modesidans tekniska system väljer ut önskvärda erbjudanden och överlägsna modetrender tvärsöver den svenska e-marknaden, med betoning på sortiment och prisklass.

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VB Style Editor’s picks/ VB Style Redaktörens val


Off Duty Luxury Top


Dr Martens Pascal Stud Boots


Bodycon Dress


Featured image: Pinterest ShopStyle

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Le Défilé Catwalk Show at Paris Fashion Week

As for runway beauty, it is a form of individual expression that has always been perceived in second hand to garments. But not during this Paris Fashion Week.

At Champs-Élysées, the street of holy shopping meccas, L’Oréal Paris held a fashion-beauty show not only for the fashion elite by invitations only, but for the public beholders, including eager teens, curious tourists, and fashion and beauty lovers alike.

Bringing backstage beauty to the front for the first time in fashion week history was one fascinating deed, but what made the Le Défilé catwalk show of noteworthy remark was the inclusiveness in model casting, and the outrageously fun and creative statement looks created by leading makeup artist Val Garland.

Energy of a high-intensity similar to electricity hovered in the crisp Autumn air when men and women of all sizes, ages and ethnicities ruthlessly conquered the runway; From Jane Fonda to Grace Bol, Maria Borges, Helen Mirren, Iskra Lawrence, Liya Kebede and Vincent Lacrocq.

70 makeup looks were divided in beguile themes; Arty Beauty, Girl Boss, Rad Romance, Street Grrrl, Casual and Glamour, and conveyed a munificent mix of immodest colours on lips, lids and even eyebrows.




It’s mesmerizing to say the least when beauty mogul Kylie Jenner (possibly) expands her billion-dollar business furthermore. Staring in a Nick Knight and Britt Lloyd fashion film, edited by SHOWstudio, Jenner flaunts delicate gold-embellishments on nails, wrists, neck, and on her most worth-while asset; her lips.

Rapper boyfriend Travis Scott’s Goosebumps is the chosen tune in the video titled “Sheer.” The centre of attentiveness in the short film is on the metal pieces attached to her mouth, showing off four alluring pieces, starting with a gold-embedded, branch-like clip followed by a hook, moving on to a heavier-looking piece shaped like quadrangular clip on plates.

The last piece Jenner combines with an eye makeup that’s the answer to a divine high-tech interpretation of a star-studded dimension, is certainly the most minimalistic one of the pieces. It is metallic gold just like the other pieces, but shaped like a tiny needle she keeps in her mouth, which in turn is attached to a chain reaching all the way behind her ears.

Mouth jewellery (or face jewellery in general) has adorned many recognizable faces for a while now, and has even been perceived at this month’s London and Paris Fashion Week. Looks like young Jenner is onto the next emerging beauty movement – If this video by any means is an indication for tapping into a new, fruitful source.


Adapting to a lifestyle diet has eloped into being an everyday standard among beauty and health aficionados worldwide. Words like “alkaline” and “plant-based” have become adequately regular in everyday conversations. These subjects also happen to be buoyantly discussed amongst celebrities alike, which isn’t perplexing to perceive due to their outstanding physiques.

The Alkaline Diet

A receptive diet for the heart that’s low in fish, egg, dairy, meat, grains and alcohol, and high in fruits, veggies and nuts. The alkaline diet is developed to control the body’s pH level, keeping it intact. Carolyn Murphy is not one to go all in one this one, but she does however indulge in alkaline water and transcendental meditation to restore and maintain a healthy balance in the body.

The Plant-Based Diet

Gisele Bündchen and her man, Tom Brady, follow an organic, plant-based diet that consists of approximately 80% vegetables. This health regimen is among the strictest ones to pursue, but if one can pull it off, its incredible qualities can reverse the signs of bad habits after just one week. The diet consists of whole grains such as quinoa and beans, as well as lean meats like wild salmon, duck and grass-fed steak. Tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms and eggplants are considered treats. Avoid caffeine, white sugar, white flour and iodized salt.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet pyramid is built with meat, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, vegetables, fruits, olive oil, nuts, whole wheat, beans, rice, and even wine. It includes a lot more and that’s probably why it has gained the title of one of the most favourable diets of the 21st century. Penélope Cruz is one amongst many celebrities that has adapted to this one. Cruz’s cult foods of this diet are a piece of bread, salt, olive oil and Spanish potatoes omelette.

The Atkins Diet

Kim Kardashian was determined to get back on track after conceiving her second child, Saint. The Atkins diet worked in her favour as it can be pursued during and after pregnancy because of its nutritional qualities, including protein, healthy fats and high-fibre carbohydrates. A typical day in Kim’s diet looked like this:

Breakfast – cheese-vegetable omelette

Lunch – Lime chicken and a squash or spinach salad accompanied by a feta ranch dressing

Dinner – Zucchini noodles and spicy chicken sausage

Snacks – Harvest trail bars including nuts or fruits or hummus and vegetables or Greek yoghurt and berries

Treat – Atkins own chocolate butter peanut cups

The Ketogenic Diet 

Creams, salmon, avocado, organic peanut butter, eggs and nuts compose the healthy fats that are indispensable in this prominent diet to attain increased energy levels and improved muscle tone. The large amounts of good fats prevent the body from hunger and its demand for cravings. Green vegetables such as kale, spinach and cucumber are also included but in limited quantities. The ketogenic diet is followed by Adriana Lima, Megan Fox and Mick Jagger.


80s-90s-supermodels: “The Last Supermodel”, VOGUE US, March...

Their canvases were not restricted to what made their livelihood back in the 90’s, but also what made them acquire notoriety. These five supermodels were on constant display on TV screens, billboards, ad campaigns and magazine covers alike, and with their own set of diverse looks and individual personalities, they were the it-models that made it big. These women not only reigned the fashion scene with their own unique appearances, but they were also the ones who brought the word “supermodel” to life.

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista. -not sure if I could play off, but love the hair

In the 90’s, Evangelista was the ultimate beauty chameleon when it came to hair. The bob cut that literally paved the way for a successful modelling career remained her signature hair style. Only thing updated was the length and colour of it, ranging from black and platinum blonde to caramel brown and bright red.

For that boyishly sexy and ruffled texture, apply Bumble and bumble Texture Hair Undressing Creme and comb it through the hair before drying. That tousled, undone effect can be styled and maintained for days with Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo. If a sleek bob is more appealing, try Shea Hair Cream from Hamadi Organics. This nourishing styling product has been Linda’s go-to hair styling essential for over a decade.

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer 90s grunge, brown matte lipstick. This is maybe a way to do it now in 2014

A pretty smile, sky blue eyes and shiny blonde waves made this German beauty quickly gain supermodel status. Schiffer has always been a natural beauty, keeping makeup to the minimum besides from her signature kohl-rimmed eyes combined with perfect brows and natural lips.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell with Coke can hair rollers, 1991.

Naomi’s exotic looks have grazed hundreds of covers, with highlights in her career being the first ever black model to appear on the covers of British and French Vogue. Her hip-grazing, raven black mane that could fool anyone into thinking it’s made from the smoothest of satins, is the look that gained her iconic status.

Achieve those high-maintenance, straight lengths by using ghd Classic 1 Inch Styler followed by Ouai Hair Oil to beat the frizz out of the hair, leaving it with a super glossy finish. Additionally, Jen Atkin advises to double up on hydration by using the oil as a nourishing overnight mask. Simply work it in before bed time and rinse in the morning.

Cindy Crawford

A Look Back at Cindy Crawford’s Inimitable All-American Denim Style - Gallery - Style.com

The American super model’s birthmark above her upper lip might be her signature beauty mark, but her voluminous waves, flawless skin and mesmerizing eye look are a lot easier to recreate.

In order to get Crawford’s full-on glamorous locks, it’s best to drop by a blowout bar. To make it last for up to three days, the super model uses Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which builds an incredible volume and sultry texture.

Her Makeup Must-Haves

Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington by Steven Meisel.

No one embraces the minimalistic approach to makeup quite as Turlington. She is a firm believer of the ‘less is more’ statement, taking good care of her skin and sticking to a simple makeup look consisting of a solid concealer, full-effect mascara and nude lipstick; a fail-proof combo that is.

In Brazil, Beauty Still Means Business

If you manage to ignore the French girl beauty hype for just a little while, as well as tear your gaze from East and South Korea, where the evolution of beauty is lightyear’s ahead, and place it far to the West, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll come to find that Brazilian beauty means just as serious business as it did 10 years ago.

Brazil is and will always be the birth mother of the phenomenal blow dry technique, hot wax and a summer’s day golden glow on a bottle; the body oil. And as a result of the release of the eponymous Bum Bum Cream, which landed on UK shelves earlier this year just in time for summer ´17, Brazil has without saying proved that they still got it. And probably always will.

One of the main reasons we can trust Brazilian beauty business with our lives (and skins’ condition) is thanks to a report that the average Brazilian woman spends 11 times more of their income on beauty inventions and tools in comparison to British women. Additionally, these treatments and products don’t just apply to their skincare regime, but also to all aspects of the body; from feet, thighs and bum to belly, arms and neck. The tropical climate and active outdoor lifestyle have not only made head-to-toe beauty significant and of high rank, but also a desirable symbol of being a woman with exquisite taste and a sense for boundary pushing trend awareness.

Adapt to an all-Brazilian beauty regime



Donna Trope/Trunk Archive Bazaar, June/July 2013

Lustrous Mane

Starting from head-to-toe, the average Brazilian woman uses 4-5 hair products each day in order to sort out congenital unruly curls. Her hair care routine also includes the use of deep conditioning hair masks and regular appointments to the salon, where naturally, their go-to treatment is the Brazilian blow-dry. This hair session mixes keratin and formaldehyde to smoothen rebelliously frizzy curls and adds a desirable shine.

Natural DIY Treatment tip by hair pro Alfredo Lewis:

1 banana, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1 avocado; mix the ingredients, cover the hair with a plastic cap and leave it in the hair for 45 minutes. Repeat treatment once a week.

Or try the deep conditioning Coconut Oil Formula


Dewy Complexion

Adriana Lima

Coconut water is not just a sweet beverage, but an essential inclusion when it comes to maintaining skin and hair condition. Opt for a 100% natural coconut water and keep it ice cold before using cotton pads to apply it onto the face. This lovable antioxidant-rich ingredient serves as an effective and reliable combat partner against signs of aging, and gives skin a natural glow; all thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Recommended product: Pure Coconut Water 





Tom Ford Campaign

Besides from coconut and almond oil, acaí is the tropical ingredient leading models from Brazil praise. It’s packed with antioxidants to not only nurture skin, but also give it a soft feel and beautiful lustre. Natura Brasil is a cult beauty brand among many supermodels, exoteric for its use of natural ingredients from the Amazon jungle. Especially the energizing and radiant-providing Acaí Dry Body Oil has gained stardom status for its unique blend of key ingredients; Acaí berry and almond, olive and borage oils.

Find it here: Acaí Dry Body Oil


Brazilian Butt Lift


Kendal Schuler, Avril Alexander & Miriam Adler by Josie Clough

Having a perfectly sculpted body shape where toned legs and a tight bum takes centre stage is key for most Brazilian women. And 10 years ago, when VS-model Alessandra Ambrosio specifically asked for a programme that targeted those areas, Leandro Carvalho was quick to invent a custom training schedule to meet her desires, naming it the “Brazil Butt Lift.” This triangle training method targets the three major muscles of the butt, and is a dynamic mix of Brazilian dance and cardio to burn fat where the focus is maintained on the lower body.

Complete workout with the cult Bum Bum Cream



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Bolts and splashes of colour have been painted across all imaginable features throughout the season of heat; making it safe to state that the rainbow phenomenon is one of summer’s biggest trends. YSL Beauty launched its Vinyl Couture Mascara, including 9 electrifying nuances to decorate lashes according to mood. Alicia Keys adapted to rainbow braids in burning orange, shocking pink and bright yellow, and all imaginable facial features, including eyebrows, lips, cheeks and eyelids have been fully charged with popping colours.


Cara Delevingne as the face of YSL Beauty’s Vinyl Couture Mascara


Alicia Keys rocking multi-coloured braids  / pic from @Allure


@JulianaHuxtable lining eyebrows and inner waterline with electrifying blue


A taste of colour / @Retouching Academy


Batting rainbow lashes / @makeupmouse


Featured photo: @Modelsdot / Inside photo: oobmag.fr

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