Cindy Crawford

Approximately 90% of women are battling cellulite. Including big stars such as Kim Kardashian West, who has been grilled for the past 24 hours for flaunting hers while on vacation in Mexico. Which leads us to thinking whether one should accept the fact that cellulite is a natural thing amongst women and live with it, or go ahead and ambush the flaw, making it wish it never had set its roots on the skin in the first place. Either way, there is one method that actually improves the appearance of cellulite, or “orange peel syndrome.”

Beating the causes of cellulite starts with adapting to a healthy diet and exercise, boosting metabolism and maintaining a good physiology. Nevertheless, as summer is fast approaching, opting for a short cut is conveniantly applicable.

Dry brushing is not a new phenomenon in the beauty market, but a new wave of wooden brushes that have been developed for a more enjoyable purpose are. While the effects of dry brushing reduce the appearance of cellulite, its significant qualities also stimulates the lymphatic system, boosts circulation, improves digestion and exfoliates dead skin cells, providing skin with an alluring lustre and softness, as well as an energized body.

How To Properly Dry Brush?

Start at the feet, brushing upwards towards the heart in circular motions or firm but gentle strokes on a dry body. Same goes for the arms, starting at the hands, working all the way up to complete the treatment at the chest, where the lymphatic drainage occurs. To intensify the benefits, apply oil on the brush and take a shower before starting the beauty regimen. Neck and face can also be treated, just be cautious and use a special brush that’s designed for these delicate areas. It is also ideal to finish the beauty ritual with a serum or oil, allowing the products to delve deeper into the skin to achieve better and quicker results.

Recommended Products

Natural Bore & Face Bristle Brush Set


SpaVerde skin and face body brushes are perfect for dry brushing, improving skin with a thorough exfoliation and pore cleansing. The brushes are 100% organic, natural and cruelty free.

Find it here: Natural Bore & Face Bristle Brush Set

Polishing Body Brush


Aromatherapy Associates polishing body brush promotes circulation, releases toxins all while improving the skin tone, boosting immunity and increasing energy.

Find it here: Polishing Body Brush

Rejuvenating Serum


Tata Harper’s rejuvenating serum contains an impressive number of 29 active ingredients and infuses skin with Hyaluronic Acid for a plump, glowing and youthful complexion. It also improves skin’s elasticity, firms and protects it from environmental damage and relaxes wrinkles.

Find it here: Rejuvenating Serum

Renew Face Brush

Karmameju face brush made of goat hair in combination with a face oil equals a mini face lift. Gently brush in circular motions and finish with a rejuvenating oil or serum for the very best result.


Find it here: Renew Face Brush

Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil


Lemongrass is used in Body Shop’s massage oil for its revitalizing effects on mind and body. Its uplifting scent boosts vitality and awakens senses, providing body and mind with an instant feel of energy.

Find it here: Thai Lemongrass Massage Oil

Coconut Beautifying Oil


Silky smooth and illuminated skin is within reach thanks to Body Shop’s coconut oil. Additionally, dry brushing with coconut oil is the perfect cellulite defeating combo, eliminating toxins and fatty deposits in the cells by opening up the pores.

Find it here: Coconut Beautifying Oil


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Featured photo: Christy Turlington, Vogue, December 1989 by Patrick Demarchelier / Inside photo: Cindy Crawford

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