Gisele Bündchen, Pirelli calendar, ’06 / Photographers: Mert Alas & Mac Piggott 

New innovations, formulas and techniques reign the realm of self-tanners, constantly improving the effects of achieving the utmost natural, sun-kissed glow or the deepest “fresh-off-Ibiza” tan. Fake tanners have been gaining more attention and encouragement of use over the recent years thanks to advanced technology, providing equally stunning results as compared to a real tan, minus the damaging effects of the sun’s dangerous rays.

St. Tropez is one of the cult brands that have reinvented the way people perceive self-tanning, with the astonishing Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion debuting in 2015. The eponymous tanning label has now taken another step towards a new direction by inventing the first ever self-tanning sheet mask that’s launching this month, just in time for summer ´17.

Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion


A clever, sweet almond oil infused lotion that is to be used in the shower. Carefully apply all over the body, leave it on for just 3 minutes before rinse. Then wait for 8 hours to see full results. Reapply with every shower for a deeper glow.

Find it here: Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion

The Face And Body Gradual Tan


Basking in the sun’s delightful glimmer is a sheer luxury. And so should the act of self-tanning be. La Mer Face & Body Gradual Tan absorbs quickly, treating skin to a desirable, natural tan minus the streaks if applied carefully on exfoliated and moisturized skin.

Find it here: The Face And Body Gradual Tan

Brazilliance PLUS+ Self Tanner


An enticing Brazilian tan is within reach thanks to Tarte’s upgraded version of the original Brazilliance tanner. The improved  PLUS+ Self Tanner is packed with aloe, vitamin E, citric acid and squalane to smoothen skin while giving it an approved golden Goddess glow.

Find it here: Brazilliance PLUS+ Self Tanner

Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask


Behold the newest innovation set to change the way people know self tanning. St. Tropez bronzing sheet mask is infused with glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and DHA (an active tanning ingredient) to bless skin with an ultimate glow. The mask also possesses moisturizing components to let the DHA deeply penetrate the skin for a beautiful, dewy complexion.

The mask is set to launch May 22nd, on Sephora

Instant HD Skin Finish


Vita Liberata is another cult tanning brand among beauty aficionados, blessing skin with a photo ready finish, sun-kissed tint with promises to cover imperfections and minimize blemishes. The new Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish is available in light, medium and dark tones.

Find it here: Instant HD Skin Finish

Featured photo: Linda Evangelista, Vogue Italia, 1989 / Photographer Steven Meisel / Inside photo: Gisele Bündchen, Pirelli calendar, ’06 / Photographers: Mert Alas & Mac Piggott 

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  1. Wow! Awesome post and blog!! You are a great writer and blogger, hun. And I love fake tan. My favorite is of course Saint Tropez. I adore Model Co, too!!! So much better than risking premature aging and cancer in the sun. But especially premature aging! Yikes!!!

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    I have the perfect satorial looks to make your tan glow brighter and be even more radiant!!!

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