Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

Fish oil supplements can be enough to treat the different needs of the skin. Especially problematic skin that suffers from dryness, acne, sensitivity, eczema or rosacea. The essential omega-3 fatty acids that come from salmon, anchovies or sardines, have proven to reduce the appearance of redness and the affected capillaires on the face. EPA can also be found in some fish oils, which is known to affect the build-up of sebum that leads to acne. Other assets of omega-3 fatty acids can protect skin from sun damage, reduce wrinkles and supply hydration. Some fish oil supplements are also a great source of vitamins A, D and E.

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Additionally, fish oil also benefits hair by stimulating growth and provides hair with strength, shine, nourishment and moisture. Not to mention the several health benefits – from boosting memory, improving immunity, blood circulation and weight loss (in combination with a good diet and regular exercise) to reducing inflammation and the risk of heart diseases.

Consider going for a good quality supplement as frequent doses of the high level of toxins found in some fish can be dangerous.

Omega The Great Supplements


Pure, high-potency fish oil supplement packed with DHA and EPA that naturally brightens and evens out skin tone and hydrates skin by supporting detainment of the natural moisture.

Find it here: Omega The Great Supplements

Skin Clear Supplements


Advanced and all-inclusive dietary supplement that provides antioxidants to support a vigorous immune system and a healthy-looking, clear skin with an even tone and texture.

Find it here: Skin Clear Supplements

Omega 3 Dietary Supplement 


This particular supplement is derived from the purest and most powerful of fish oils (wild sockeye salmon) designed to elevate mood, support cardiovascular health, regulate weight and benefit skin and hair with a healthy and nourished complexion.

Find it here: Omega 3 Dietary Supplement

Featured image: / March, 2016 / Inside photo: Harper’s Bazaar

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