SPF creams might be a foe to most because of its sticky consistency, unpleasant smell and greasy texture that leaves traces of white surplus on the body. Plus, having to remember to apply it on a daily basis and keep on reapplying it throughout the day does not sound all too appealing.

Nevertheless, staying shielded from the sun’s perilous UV-rays should be motivation enough. The sun is a lovely phenomenon that most people worship, but it’s important to understand that its lighting causes up to 90% of ageing, resulting in reduced elasticity, dark spots and a rough, wrinkly texture. Besides from the superficial damages, it also affects the health. A sunburn occurs when the ultraviolet rays have managed to penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin to harm or even kill skin cells. A frequent and long-lasting exposure to this will then eventually lead to skin cancer.

Last week, as summer is just around the corner, Glossier launched a new improved SPF formula called Invisible Shield SPF 35. The promises? – A sunscreen that is not sticky, greasy, heavy, pore clogging, drying, weird smelling, chalky or makeup interrupting – according to Glossier. The clear water gel formula is packed with microcapsules that are easily absorbed, helps prevent sun damage, protects from pollution and helps neutralize harmful free radicals inside the skin. That is a lot of pleasant reasons to encourage people to actually start wearing sunscreen.

Besides from the active microcapsules, the sunscreen contains H20, Vitamin E, Vitamin P, broccoli, aloe leaf extracts and sweet orange peel.

Read more about this super formula and buy it here:

Featured photo: Florian Sommet / Inside photo:

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