Bolts and splashes of colour have been painted across all imaginable features throughout the season of heat; making it safe to state that the rainbow phenomenon is one of summer’s biggest trends. YSL Beauty launched its Vinyl Couture Mascara, including 9 electrifying nuances to decorate lashes according to mood. Alicia Keys adapted to rainbow braids in burning orange, shocking pink and bright yellow, and all imaginable facial features, including eyebrows, lips, cheeks and eyelids have been fully charged with popping colours.


Cara Delevingne as the face of YSL Beauty’s Vinyl Couture Mascara


Alicia Keys rocking multi-coloured braids  / pic from @Allure


@JulianaHuxtable lining eyebrows and inner waterline with electrifying blue


A taste of colour / @Retouching Academy


Batting rainbow lashes / @makeupmouse


Featured photo: @Modelsdot / Inside photo: oobmag.fr

Pictures on Vulgar Beauty are always credited. If the photo is unfairly credited or the owner of the image does not approve of it being used, please contact isabeljarnstrom@hotmail.com.

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