Le Défilé Catwalk Show at Paris Fashion Week

As for runway beauty, it is a form of individual expression that has always been perceived in second hand to garments. But not during this Paris Fashion Week.

At Champs-Élysées, the street of holy shopping meccas, L’Oréal Paris held a fashion-beauty show not only for the fashion elite by invitations only, but for the public beholders, including eager teens, curious tourists, and fashion and beauty lovers alike.

Bringing backstage beauty to the front for the first time in fashion week history was one fascinating deed, but what made the Le Défilé catwalk show of noteworthy remark was the inclusiveness in model casting, and the outrageously fun and creative statement looks created by leading makeup artist Val Garland.

Energy of a high-intensity similar to electricity hovered in the crisp Autumn air when men and women of all sizes, ages and ethnicities ruthlessly conquered the runway; From Jane Fonda to Grace Bol, Maria Borges, Helen Mirren, Iskra Lawrence, Liya Kebede and Vincent Lacrocq.

70 makeup looks were divided in beguile themes; Arty Beauty, Girl Boss, Rad Romance, Street Grrrl, Casual and Glamour, and conveyed a munificent mix of immodest colours on lips, lids and even eyebrows.

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