“Fashion has a responsibility to be in step with the times and not persist and portraying a one-note way at looking at women,” says Anna Wintour on the trends and takeaways of spring 2018.

After several seasons trying to diversify the monotone fashion structure, a glimpse of light is starting to flash through a crevice in the colourless realm. At the two recent seasons (FW17/18 and SS18) it seemed like the loud and clear messages had reached the ears of several designers, whom resolved to address the matter, proving that they could administer this issue that has long been.

Kanye West was one of the first to embark on the concern by bringing hijab-wearing Halima Aden to his already diverse Yeezy crew. Marc Jacobs reorganized the system and demonstrated a forceful statement where half of his hip hop crew consisted of models with multiple ethnic identities; and a handful of them being transgender.

Nevertheless, these shows didn’t sweep the title of the most inclusive FW17/18 show; that victory was claimed by Gypsy Sport, rectifying the norm by designating models of different ethnicity, background, gender, size, conditions (vitiligo and albinism) and several “real people” from political demonstrations to walk in his show. All in all, the cast was 87% diverse.

2017 has not just been a slight turning point for models walking the seasonal runway shows or spectators perceiving them. Influential publications have also seized upon the Zeitgeist and participated by putting authentic people on their covers. Not because of their body size or gender, but because they have proven themselves in this cutthroat industry by being intellectual, assertive and utterly intrepid regardless of fitting the norm.

Another factor is that it indicates that it’s about time to take a step forward, embrace development in society and dive into a constant evolution by honouring an inclusive idea of beauty where no standard measure is applied.

After all, fashion doesn’t have a face – it has many. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and your true identity. Who you are, where you come from, what you wish to achieve and where you want to go in life. It is something that people should carefully adapt to using their creativity and imagination as tools to interpret in their own unique way. That’s when fashion is beautified in an acceptable and light-hearted manner.

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