SPF creams might be a foe to most because of its sticky consistency, unpleasant smell and greasy texture that leaves traces of white surplus on the body. Plus, having to remember to apply it on a daily basis and keep on reapplying it throughout the day does not sound all too appealing.

Nevertheless, staying shielded from the sun’s perilous UV-rays should be motivation enough. The sun is a lovely phenomenon that most people worship, but it’s important to understand that its lighting causes up to 90% of ageing, resulting in reduced elasticity, dark spots and a rough, wrinkly texture. Besides from the superficial damages, it also affects the health. A sunburn occurs when the ultraviolet rays have managed to penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin to harm or even kill skin cells. A frequent and long-lasting exposure to this will then eventually lead to skin cancer.

Last week, as summer is just around the corner, Glossier launched a new improved SPF formula called Invisible Shield SPF 35. The promises? – A sunscreen that is not sticky, greasy, heavy, pore clogging, drying, weird smelling, chalky or makeup interrupting – according to Glossier. The clear water gel formula is packed with microcapsules that are easily absorbed, helps prevent sun damage, protects from pollution and helps neutralize harmful free radicals inside the skin. That is a lot of pleasant reasons to encourage people to actually start wearing sunscreen.

Besides from the active microcapsules, the sunscreen contains H20, Vitamin E, Vitamin P, broccoli, aloe leaf extracts and sweet orange peel.

Read more about this super formula and buy it here:

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As skin slowly reduces the amount of collagen production with age, it loses its elasticity and availability of skin cell renewal. Collagen (a protective fibre that connects body tissue) consists of two essential amino acids, hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, which provide collagen with the stability and capacity of holding tissue, muscle and organs together, as well as repairing cells damaged by outer factors – the sun, pollution, oxidative stress and free radicals.

Read more about the dangerous environmental factors here: The Guide To City Smart Skincare

As an alternative of deciding to take up collagen injections, there are a few natural ways to stall the process of ageing.


Water possesses uncountable benefits. Commonly known for keeping skin hydrated and nourished, the effects of water can also plump and smooth skin by enhancing the build-up of fibres and prolonging the life of skin cells. Its toxin rinsing qualities are also capable of instantly increasing skin’s collagen.


Sloughing off dead skin cells once a week is essential in order to achieve a robust, gleaming skin. Whether opting for a lighter mechanical peeling or a more effective enzyme peeling, the treatment regrows a refined epidermis, deeply cleanses and purifies sebum clogged pores and increases blood circulation, stimulating cell renewal and boosts collagen production.

More effective types of exfoliation treatments can be achieved at a dermatologist’s office.

Treatment Enzyme Peel


The natural papaya enzymes in this highly-effective exfoliator gently sloughs off dead skin cells. In contact with water, the powder is activated and treats skin to an appealing lustre, soft and even texture and tone, improving the absorption of additional serums and moisturizers in the skin care regime.

Find it here: Treatment Enzyme Peel

Vitamin A and C

Whenever new collagen is formed, Vitamin C is being used as the preferable fuel in the rebuilding process. Meaning it’s important to always keep a decent level of the vitamin in the body.

Vitamin A improves skin’s texture by boosting the reconstruction of collagen and the renewal of skin cells.

Read more about vitamins here: Get To Know The A, B, C’s

C-Firma Day Serum


Fruit enzymes, antioxidants, powerhouse nutrients and chronopeptide come together in this highly-adequate potent serum to dissolve dead skin cells, combating the signs of photo ageing, sun spots and fatigued, slack skin.

Find it here: C-Firma Day Serum

Facial Treatment Essence


Amino acids, minerals and nourishing vitamins are packed in this essence to hydrate and ameliorate skin’s elasticity and brightness. Mainly, it is enriched with 90% Pitera, the powerhouse ingredient for skin’s renewal process.

Find it here: Facial Treatment Essence

Green Tea Extract

The anti-inflammatory qualities and richness in antioxidants make green tea extract the ultimate skin saviour, protecting skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Green tea extract also acts as a powerful ingredient that protects skin from collagenase (an enzyme that breaks down collagen) maintaining a firm and strong elastic tissue.

Revitalizing Powder Face Mask


Origins powerful powder face mask is rich in antioxidants from tea leaves, tea powders and matcha. These forceful natural ingredients revitalize and restore skin’s texture while smoothening and brightening a fatigued complexion and uneven skin tone.

Find it here: Revitalizing Powder Face Mask

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Fish oil supplements can be enough to treat the different needs of the skin. Especially problematic skin that suffers from dryness, acne, sensitivity, eczema or rosacea. The essential omega-3 fatty acids that come from salmon, anchovies or sardines, have proven to reduce the appearance of redness and the affected capillaires on the face. EPA can also be found in some fish oils, which is known to affect the build-up of sebum that leads to acne. Other assets of omega-3 fatty acids can protect skin from sun damage, reduce wrinkles and supply hydration. Some fish oil supplements are also a great source of vitamins A, D and E.

Read more about vitamins: Get To Know The A, B, C’s

Additionally, fish oil also benefits hair by stimulating growth and provides hair with strength, shine, nourishment and moisture. Not to mention the several health benefits – from boosting memory, improving immunity, blood circulation and weight loss (in combination with a good diet and regular exercise) to reducing inflammation and the risk of heart diseases.

Consider going for a good quality supplement as frequent doses of the high level of toxins found in some fish can be dangerous.

Omega The Great Supplements


Pure, high-potency fish oil supplement packed with DHA and EPA that naturally brightens and evens out skin tone and hydrates skin by supporting detainment of the natural moisture.

Find it here: Omega The Great Supplements

Skin Clear Supplements


Advanced and all-inclusive dietary supplement that provides antioxidants to support a vigorous immune system and a healthy-looking, clear skin with an even tone and texture.

Find it here: Skin Clear Supplements

Omega 3 Dietary Supplement 


This particular supplement is derived from the purest and most powerful of fish oils (wild sockeye salmon) designed to elevate mood, support cardiovascular health, regulate weight and benefit skin and hair with a healthy and nourished complexion.

Find it here: Omega 3 Dietary Supplement

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The poor air quality in big cities affects the skin and health more than most would think. Environmental pollution, harmful particles of toxic and smoke, and oxidative stress damage skin in ways that break its protective barrier, causing further impairment that leads to a fatigued complexion, clogged pores, sagging skin, wrinkles and even skin cancer in the long run.

Adapting to a fail proof skincare routine including an exceptional cleanser, a free radical fighting serum, a smart SPF and products packed with antioxidants, plant extracts and powerful active ingredients are therefore mandatory in order to attain a good-looking, healthy skin condition.

La Solution 10 de Chanel


10 carefully selected ingredients have been composed in Chanel’s soothing moisturizer to defend skin from climatic conditions, pollution, stress and non-invasive microdermabrasion.

Find it here: La Solution 10 de Chanel

Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Mask

Cilantro & Orange Extract Defending_Masque75ml_sRGB_r1a

An overnight facial mask that diminishes the visible effects of pollution. The two super ingredients, Cilantro and orange extract, strengthen, defend and protect skin all while renewing it and curtailing the signs of dullness.

Find it here: Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Mask

Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist


Build up on the defensive barrier by carrying this smart skin super hero mist in the beauty bag at all times. This fine mist strengthens and protects skin from the effects of ageing, free radicals, pollution and oxidative stress, boosting skin’s ability to detoxify.

Find it here: Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil


A unique blend of squalene and evening primrose oil that’s rich in Omega-6 fatty acids and lavender essential oil effectively dissolves impurities. The lightweight formula soothes and balances skin, preparing it for optimal night-time replenishment.

Find it here: Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield


Anti-pollution technology combined with DNA enzyme complex creates an invisible barrier against UV rays, pollution and any visible signs of ageing by supporting and strengthening skin’s natural repairing process.

Find it here: City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield

Cucumber De-Tox Foaming Cleanser


A deep-cleansing formula that gently expulses pores of impurities. With vitamins C and E that protects against ageing factors and stress, sugarcane and sugar maple that encourage cell turnover and with soothing and refreshing cucumber extract, this cult cleanser provides skin with a bright, detoxified and nourished complexion.

Find it here: Cucumber De-Tox Foaming Cleanser


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Beauty comes from within, and by eating the right food in combination with indulging in the right supplements, the skin will be able to reach its fullest potential and become both beautiful and spotless. Some foods and vitamins are essential to include in the daily beauty regime to target common issues and develop a healthy complexion. It’s about time to visit the local pharmacist and grabbing a jar of vitamin infused supplements.

Vitamin E

During the winter half year, dry and sensitive skin can be a complete discomfort. Especially if it’s also flaking. To prevent this frequent skin problem, storing up on some really good creams and serums packed with Vitamin E is indispensable. So is making sure to stay hydrated. This supplement can be found in spinach, broccoli, mango, avocado, kiwi and tomato. Vitamin E also thickens hair, repairs damaged skin and even treats stretch marks.

Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Crème


A moisturising cream that includes a level of SPF 15. It nourishes the skin and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by defending it from cold weather, pollution and damaging UV rays for a younger, clearer and more radiant-looking skin.

Find it here: Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Crème

Vitamin D

Vitamin D (commonly known as the “sunshine” vitamin) has been proved to be the most efficient one to treat the symptoms of rosacea and psoriasis. This supplement is one of the most crucial vitamins to indulge in during winter and early spring, and it possesses countless of benefits that includes repairing damaged skin, restoring radiance and moisture, growing strong and thick hair, plumping skin and preventing infection. Include a lot of salmon, shrimps, sardines, yoghurt, orange juice and milk in your diet.

Skincare Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil


Sunshine in a bottle! Hydrating oil, antioxidants and Vitamin D restores radiance and reduces the appearance of pore size while enhancing, refreshening and moisturizing skin for a firmer-looking texture.

Find it here: Skincare Active Vitamin D Serum-Oil

Vitamin A

No one wants to age too early. Or age at all for that matter. The unavoidable development of fine lines can at least be slowed down with a solid Vitamin A, also known as Retinol. Not only does it diminish stubborn lines, but it also helps defeat acne, repair damaged skin, fade brown spots and smoothen out roughness. Make sure to grocery shop for carrots, eggs, apricots, spinach, sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum


Pure retinol and potent antioxidants in this silky repair serum increases cell turnover and stimulates collagen production. Infused with vitamin C, kale extract and oat kernel oil that brightens and replenishes the skin, soothes and minimizes redness and helps impart firmer-looking skin.

Find it here: Intensive Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the powerhouse ingredient everyone wants a piece of. Thanks to its brightening and tightening elements, it evens out skin tone, reduces inflammation and smoothens the skin. It also clarifies and refines it with a healthy-looking lustre. It can be found in peppers, kale, kiwifruit, broccoli, strawberries, citrus fruits, cooked tomatoes, peas and papaya.

Triple Vitamin C Serum


BeautyRX Triple Vitamin C Serum contains 10% antioxidant serum with 3 forms of Vitamin C, making it the ultimate skin cocktail to defeat dull skin, nourish skin cells, smoothen and brighten skin for a youthful glow. This product has also been proven to reduce hyperpigmentation, dark spots and the signs of early aging.

Find it here: Triple Vitamin C Serum


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Cindy Crawford

Sunday should always be the day when letting the skin breathe and re-energize for a new week ahead. Treating oneself to some minor at-home Spa time, allowing the mind to relax and the skin to be polished to perfection, rejuvenated and thoroughly moisturized.

Indulge in Kiehl’s luxurious exfoliator with glow-boosting qualities, Clinique’s smart serum that promises a fresh, plumped-up and radiant complexion, and Chanel’s highly innovative cream induced with deeply penetrating and clever ingredients developed with advanced technology.

Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask


An instant energizer that beats the dullnes and fatigueness out of the skin! Turmeric evens out the skin tone while crushed cranberry seeds gently exfoliates it for a smooth and bright appearance.

Find it here: Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Mask

Smart Custom-Repair Serum


In short, the content of this smart serum reduces inflammation, figths irritation and dark spots, brightens and firms skin, boosts collagen, improves radiance and texture, and helps to repair UV-damage.

Find it here: Smart Custom-Repair Serum

Hydra Beauty Micro Crème


The latest addition to the Chanel skincare line is also the first ever cream with camellia micro-droplets, a technology developed at Harvard that delivers continuous hydration, restores skin’s vitality and protects it from environmental stress factors.

Find it here: Hydra Beauty Micro Crème


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Jena Goldsack by David Oldham

New season, new beauty regimen! Winter is fortunately far gone by now, but still it has managed to leave its marks and a distant memory by way of displaying lack of lustre, dryness or a bad case of fatigued skin.

There are two ways to go around this. Splurge on an appointment at the dermatologist’s office or save by opting for a tailored skin care regime suitable for the needs of the skin. The best products to fight these problems are after all available to perform at the comfort of the home.


POWERMUD Dualcleanse Treatment


Power up with POWERMUD! A detoxifying, deep-cleansing mud-to-oil treatment that purifies skin by removing dirt, oil and weekly build-up that clogs pores.

Find it here: POWERMUD Dualcleanse Treatment

Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask


Packed with powerful active ingredients including benefitting seed oils and flower extracts, this cellulose mask delivers a smooth, plump and hydrated skin.

Find it here: Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Mask

Dream Age Radiance Powder Essence


Longing for a dreamy radiance? Dr. Dream’s highly innovative powder essence contains rose stem cell, rose distilled water, grapefruit and yuzu extracts to infuse skin with vitamins and moisture to brighten dullness.

Find it here: Dream Age Radiance Powder Essence 

Moment of Truth 2-In1- Polishing Sugar Mask


Raw sugar, pomegranate seed powder, pure honey, rosehip oil and pumpkin extract are the main ingredients in this luxurious product. A consumer study shows that this decadent sugar mask removes dirt, oil and impurities, cleanses pores, leaves skin bright and fresh with a healthy glow and refreshing feel.

Find it here: Moment of Truth 2-In-1 Polishing Sugar Mask

Dragon’s Blood Eye Mask


Praised by Ellie Goulding, Rodial’s gel eye masks de-puffs, hydrates, plumps, lifts, firms and smoothens the delicate eye area, all while reducing any signs of redness and inflammation with the effects of the dragon’s blood from the Croton Lechleri tree.

Find it here: Dragon’s Blood Eye Mask

Elemental Energy Hydrating Cloud Cream


Combat dullness, uneven texture and dryness with Perricone MD’s airy, cloud-like cream. It is powered with hydrogen that gives skin a boost of hydrating vitality for a re-energized and radiant complexion.

Find it here: Elemental Energy Hydrating Cloud Cream 

Featured photo: Irving Penn, Vogue, February 1999 / Inside photo: Jena Goldsack by David Oldham

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