kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian

There are only two ways to define this dominating runway accessory. Some people may think it’s hideous while others think it’s the definition of ultra-cool and only worn by bold individuals who are fully grasping the ways of being voguish.

We’re talking about the ever-evolving designs on shades that set the SS18 runways on fire, burning roads and turning them into ashes so that no one else could follow. A trend custom-made for adopters that’ll wear them without the fear and doubt about the opinions of others. Kind of like it is when it comes to a trend that makes even the fiercest of fashionistas raise an eyebrow.

fka twigs

FKA Twigs

This love/hate accessory is taking the industry and streets by storm as of this very moment. Multiple designers accessorized their runway looks using everything from cat-like frames to sporty, retro, over-sized, oval-shaped and tiny, almost invisible frames in all imaginable colours. The brands included Prada, Miu Miu, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Marni, Stella McCartney, Fenty x Puma, Erdem, Versace and Lanvin amongst many others.

Dior SS18

Extending beyond the SS18 fashion show platforms, the coolest kids on the street have religiously adapted to the frenzy of the trend this whole summer, having been spotted on every celebrity being either members of the model elite, music industry or show business.


Prada SS18


Featured Photo: Zoë Kravitz / Inside photo and collage: Vogue US and Vogue UK

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“Fashion has a responsibility to be in step with the times and not persist and portraying a one-note way at looking at women,” says Anna Wintour on the trends and takeaways of spring 2018.

After several seasons trying to diversify the monotone fashion structure, a glimpse of light is starting to flash through a crevice in the colourless realm. At the two recent seasons (FW17/18 and SS18) it seemed like the loud and clear messages had reached the ears of several designers, whom resolved to address the matter, proving that they could administer this issue that has long been.

Kanye West was one of the first to embark on the concern by bringing hijab-wearing Halima Aden to his already diverse Yeezy crew. Marc Jacobs reorganized the system and demonstrated a forceful statement where half of his hip hop crew consisted of models with multiple ethnic identities; and a handful of them being transgender.

Nevertheless, these shows didn’t sweep the title of the most inclusive FW17/18 show; that victory was claimed by Gypsy Sport, rectifying the norm by designating models of different ethnicity, background, gender, size, conditions (vitiligo and albinism) and several “real people” from political demonstrations to walk in his show. All in all, the cast was 87% diverse.

2017 has not just been a slight turning point for models walking the seasonal runway shows or spectators perceiving them. Influential publications have also seized upon the Zeitgeist and participated by putting authentic people on their covers. Not because of their body size or gender, but because they have proven themselves in this cutthroat industry by being intellectual, assertive and utterly intrepid regardless of fitting the norm.

Another factor is that it indicates that it’s about time to take a step forward, embrace development in society and dive into a constant evolution by honouring an inclusive idea of beauty where no standard measure is applied.

After all, fashion doesn’t have a face – it has many. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and your true identity. Who you are, where you come from, what you wish to achieve and where you want to go in life. It is something that people should carefully adapt to using their creativity and imagination as tools to interpret in their own unique way. That’s when fashion is beautified in an acceptable and light-hearted manner.

Featured photo: theclassyissue.com

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VB Style Editor’s picks/ VB Style Redaktörens val


Off Duty Luxury Top


Dr Martens Pascal Stud Boots


Bodycon Dress


Featured image: Pinterest ShopStyle

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It’s mesmerizing to say the least when beauty mogul Kylie Jenner (possibly) expands her billion-dollar business furthermore. Staring in a Nick Knight and Britt Lloyd fashion film, edited by SHOWstudio, Jenner flaunts delicate gold-embellishments on nails, wrists, neck, and on her most worth-while asset; her lips.

Rapper boyfriend Travis Scott’s Goosebumps is the chosen tune in the video titled “Sheer.” The centre of attentiveness in the short film is on the metal pieces attached to her mouth, showing off four alluring pieces, starting with a gold-embedded, branch-like clip followed by a hook, moving on to a heavier-looking piece shaped like quadrangular clip on plates.

The last piece Jenner combines with an eye makeup that’s the answer to a divine high-tech interpretation of a star-studded dimension, is certainly the most minimalistic one of the pieces. It is metallic gold just like the other pieces, but shaped like a tiny needle she keeps in her mouth, which in turn is attached to a chain reaching all the way behind her ears.

Mouth jewellery (or face jewellery in general) has adorned many recognizable faces for a while now, and has even been perceived at this month’s London and Paris Fashion Week. Looks like young Jenner is onto the next emerging beauty movement – If this video by any means is an indication for tapping into a new, fruitful source.



Bolts and splashes of colour have been painted across all imaginable features throughout the season of heat; making it safe to state that the rainbow phenomenon is one of summer’s biggest trends. YSL Beauty launched its Vinyl Couture Mascara, including 9 electrifying nuances to decorate lashes according to mood. Alicia Keys adapted to rainbow braids in burning orange, shocking pink and bright yellow, and all imaginable facial features, including eyebrows, lips, cheeks and eyelids have been fully charged with popping colours.


Cara Delevingne as the face of YSL Beauty’s Vinyl Couture Mascara


Alicia Keys rocking multi-coloured braids  / pic from @Allure


@JulianaHuxtable lining eyebrows and inner waterline with electrifying blue


A taste of colour / @Retouching Academy


Batting rainbow lashes / @makeupmouse


Featured photo: @Modelsdot / Inside photo: oobmag.fr

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Louis Vuitton / Imarni Nails

Manicures displaying high-end fashion brands’ logos are well under way to reach world domination in the beauty realm. Ever since nails were decorated with the letters of Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs spelled out on each nail at the runways of the FW ‘17/18 collections, beauty bloggers, nail technicians and influencers alike, have adapted to the fervid occurrence.

The nail expert behind the creations of the Balenciaga nails, Mei Kawajiri, is adding more frenzy to the movement, continually updating her Instagram (@nailsbymei) with exquisite designs featuring logos such as Supreme, Hermes and Gucci. @Imarninails salon in Shoreditch, London, is another nail tech studio that’s participated in the birth of this new formidable trend. Painting logos such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Nike.

Even nail pro Madeleine Pool (@MPnails) created pale pink nails with gold-embossed Gucci stickers for it-girl Petra Collins, to acknowledge her as the face of Gucci’s newest addition to the range of fragrances. It’s safe to state that this trend is just getting started…


Marc Jacobs FW’17 / Jin Soon Choi


Balenciaga FW’17 / Mei Kawajiri


Supreme x Louis Vuitton / Mei kawajiri


Not just high-end logo designs. We Wore What / Mei Kawajiri


Nike / Imarni Nails


Chanel / Imarni Nails


Gucci / @MPnails


Featured photo: Marc Jacobs FW’17 by Jin Soon Choi / Inside photo: Louis Vuitton by Imarni Nails

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