In Brazil, Beauty Still Means Business

If you manage to ignore the French girl beauty hype for just a little while, as well as tear your gaze from East and South Korea, where the evolution of beauty is lightyear’s ahead, and place it far to the West, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll come to find that Brazilian beauty means just as serious business as it did 10 years ago.

Brazil is and will always be the birth mother of the phenomenal blow dry technique, hot wax and a summer’s day golden glow on a bottle; the body oil. And as a result of the release of the eponymous Bum Bum Cream, which landed on UK shelves earlier this year just in time for summer ´17, Brazil has without saying proved that they still got it. And probably always will.

One of the main reasons we can trust Brazilian beauty business with our lives (and skins’ condition) is thanks to a report that the average Brazilian woman spends 11 times more of their income on beauty inventions and tools in comparison to British women. Additionally, these treatments and products don’t just apply to their skincare regime, but also to all aspects of the body; from feet, thighs and bum to belly, arms and neck. The tropical climate and active outdoor lifestyle have not only made head-to-toe beauty significant and of high rank, but also a desirable symbol of being a woman with exquisite taste and a sense for boundary pushing trend awareness.

Adapt to an all-Brazilian beauty regime



Donna Trope/Trunk Archive Bazaar, June/July 2013

Lustrous Mane

Starting from head-to-toe, the average Brazilian woman uses 4-5 hair products each day in order to sort out congenital unruly curls. Her hair care routine also includes the use of deep conditioning hair masks and regular appointments to the salon, where naturally, their go-to treatment is the Brazilian blow-dry. This hair session mixes keratin and formaldehyde to smoothen rebelliously frizzy curls and adds a desirable shine.

Natural DIY Treatment tip by hair pro Alfredo Lewis:

1 banana, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise and 1 avocado; mix the ingredients, cover the hair with a plastic cap and leave it in the hair for 45 minutes. Repeat treatment once a week.

Or try the deep conditioning Coconut Oil Formula


Dewy Complexion

Adriana Lima

Coconut water is not just a sweet beverage, but an essential inclusion when it comes to maintaining skin and hair condition. Opt for a 100% natural coconut water and keep it ice cold before using cotton pads to apply it onto the face. This lovable antioxidant-rich ingredient serves as an effective and reliable combat partner against signs of aging, and gives skin a natural glow; all thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Recommended product: Pure Coconut Water 





Tom Ford Campaign

Besides from coconut and almond oil, acaí is the tropical ingredient leading models from Brazil praise. It’s packed with antioxidants to not only nurture skin, but also give it a soft feel and beautiful lustre. Natura Brasil is a cult beauty brand among many supermodels, exoteric for its use of natural ingredients from the Amazon jungle. Especially the energizing and radiant-providing Acaí Dry Body Oil has gained stardom status for its unique blend of key ingredients; Acaí berry and almond, olive and borage oils.

Find it here: Acaí Dry Body Oil


Brazilian Butt Lift


Kendal Schuler, Avril Alexander & Miriam Adler by Josie Clough

Having a perfectly sculpted body shape where toned legs and a tight bum takes centre stage is key for most Brazilian women. And 10 years ago, when VS-model Alessandra Ambrosio specifically asked for a programme that targeted those areas, Leandro Carvalho was quick to invent a custom training schedule to meet her desires, naming it the “Brazil Butt Lift.” This triangle training method targets the three major muscles of the butt, and is a dynamic mix of Brazilian dance and cardio to burn fat where the focus is maintained on the lower body.

Complete workout with the cult Bum Bum Cream



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