It’s mesmerizing to say the least when beauty mogul Kylie Jenner (possibly) expands her billion-dollar business furthermore. Staring in a Nick Knight and Britt Lloyd fashion film, edited by SHOWstudio, Jenner flaunts delicate gold-embellishments on nails, wrists, neck, and on her most worth-while asset; her lips.

Rapper boyfriend Travis Scott’s Goosebumps is the chosen tune in the video titled “Sheer.” The centre of attentiveness in the short film is on the metal pieces attached to her mouth, showing off four alluring pieces, starting with a gold-embedded, branch-like clip followed by a hook, moving on to a heavier-looking piece shaped like quadrangular clip on plates.

The last piece Jenner combines with an eye makeup that’s the answer to a divine high-tech interpretation of a star-studded dimension, is certainly the most minimalistic one of the pieces. It is metallic gold just like the other pieces, but shaped like a tiny needle she keeps in her mouth, which in turn is attached to a chain reaching all the way behind her ears.

Mouth jewellery (or face jewellery in general) has adorned many recognizable faces for a while now, and has even been perceived at this month’s London and Paris Fashion Week. Looks like young Jenner is onto the next emerging beauty movement – If this video by any means is an indication for tapping into a new, fruitful source.